Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

As a Not-for-Profit advocate to regulating bodies, the Alberta Federation of Rural Water Co-operatives ensure water co-op utilities have access to reasonable proceed insurance coverage, support and training.

Through implementations of the Best Practices manual, each co-op delivers to their community, safe drinking water that meets or exceeds current standards.

Our Vision

Safe, secure drinking water supply to rural Albertans for both domestic and agricultural use at a reasonable price.



  • To promote and further the common interests of its members
  • Support the maintenance of a safe and secure water supply in the Province
  • To act as a forum for member co-ops to share information and experiences
  • To make representation to Provincial and Federal governments and regulatory bodies on behalf of the members
  • To keep members apprised of current legislation, regulation and technology and to provide assistance in providing an adequate supply of quality water
  • To make available comprehensive general liability and all other necessary insurance coverage
  • To provide other services as required or requested by the membership